Depiction of rural or tribal lifestyle from an urban perspective: flawed and filmy

For long, we the modern education and its products, have perceived rural and tribal India with our understanding limited by materialism and insensitivity. While we label some traditions as inhuman activities, we impose a sympathy on others. Both equally damaging to these earth-saving traditions and self-respect of those people. The traditions & lifestyle of rural and tribal India are presented to us like an out of world phenomenon. They may seem very dramatic to us, but on the ground, for these people, such traditions are simple and natural part of their life.

The caption as given: डॉ. यशोधर मठपाल जी द्वारा बनाई गई तस्वीर पहाड़ की नारी के संघर्ष को दर्शाती हुई — ‘कटु सत्य’. ‘The Reality’ by Dr. Y. Mathpal Src: Museum of folk culture Bhimtal
A tribal woman participating in Halma tradition, Jhabua, March 2017.



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Kumar Harsh

Mostly from experience - of tribal Jhabua, and the struggle of learning 'selfless passionate dedication for people'.