A movement of tribal Jhabua — that saved 2 million lives!

A movement in tribal Jhabua begins on April 28. It goes at an incredible pace to cover 900+ villages by June 10. 3000+ volunteers across the villages come forward, takes training and reach family-to-family in villages. Jhabua, which stood at a catastrophic collapse around April 28, had a less than 1% infection rate on May 24. The ‘Medical Kit distribution & Awareness’ movement becomes a social movement by the end. What makes all of these possible?

The distress

The first step — respond to the urgency.

Meticulous details in planning

Kits and kit preparation at Dharampuri Gurukul
Volunteers taking their lunch

Training and hope

To assist the training, two final-year medical students of Kolhapur Govt. Medical College — Kimbaly and Harshal — joined the team. While Kimbaly has spent months working on women’s health, it was her first time to Jhabua for Harshal.

“The medical kit saved my village.”

Phase II — fighting the rumours

Awareness camps deep in villages

Insights — tangible and intangible

The model process — Social Capital Generation



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Kumar Harsh

Mostly from experience - of tribal Jhabua, and the struggle of learning 'selfless passionate dedication for people'.